Play Math Fact Games

Addition Math Fact Game

Addition Practice

Practice your addition math facts here. Game will let you practice in certain ranges or it will automatically increase difficulty as more questions are answered. Just pick the numbers to practice and go!

Addition Puzzler Math Game

Addition Puzzler

Practice addition with these 3 puzzle games. Play Classic, Accuracy or Break!

Guess the math operator game.

Operation Guess

Practice you math operation identification. Select the math operator for the given math problem in this math game.

Solve the math problem for the given operator.

Operator Solve

Practice you math facts by operation. Solve the problems for the given operator before time runs out!

Puyppy Math - Feed the puppy by practicing addition and subtraction.

Puppy math

Feed the puppy by answering addition or subtraction problems. This is a beginner math fact practice game with addition and subtration having answers up to 10.

Math Racer - Race against the clock

Math Racer

Practice math facts against the clock. Game starts with up to 10 addition, but will increase in diffiulty and will include subtraction and multiplication as questions are answered.

Quick Count - use your math skills to count quickly!

Quick Count

Practice speed counting to exercise your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division reasoning.

Quiz Math Game

Quiz Math

Practice your general math fact speed. Just solve the math fact problems!.

Hoppy Math Fact Game

Hoppy Math

Practice your general math fact speed. Just solve the math fact problems for Hoppy!.