Math Fact Games

Practice Addition

*Math Fact Challenger has been updated with :
  • New animations
  • New sounds
  • In game level display
  • Improved Level Up! game mode AI.

  • Play addition math facts in landscape mode with right handed configuration.
  • Play addition math facts in landscape mode with left handed configuration.
  • Play addition math facts in portrait mode..


Use the time math fact game to practice and test your addition facts. The game can automatically change the level based on skill if desired. You may also select a time to practice for. Practice daily to see your recall improve!


Choose a level : up to 5, 10 , 20, 50, 100 or dynamic. Select a time to practice. Go! Answer as quickly as possilbe. You will get a report at the end of the time. Play in landscape or portrait mode. You may also select right or left handed for landscape mode.


Math Fact Challenger was created by parents of elementary school kids. The game is designed to increase math fact practice time while reducing boredom. Timed math fact practice is essential to learning math facts. This game provides the kids with the freedom to practice on their own and the reporting after each game for the parents to review. This makes practicing easier and generally will last longer. We have seen many kids practice much longer as they feel control of their practice. Parents can see how the are doing just by looking at the report.